Pros and Cons Tire filled with Nitrogen Gas

Previously I’ve discussed about 4 Advantages of Using Nitrogen For Tire. On this occasion I want to discuss more complete again the advantages and disadvantages if the vehicle tires in the contents with nitrogen gas ..? Curious, want ..?

Tires are one of the most important components of the vehicle. No matter what kind of motorbike, car and other mobility vehicles the gas pressure (wind) in the tire is also worth noting so that the performance (grip / disc power) of the tire on the asphalt road is maintained optimally, stable And tire wear life becomes longer. The method of charging it there are 2 ways that is filling with air (wind) there is also using nitrogen gas for tires (N2).

If you look from the point of view of the benefits of using Nitrogen as a tire filler then there are many that you can see below, For the price of nitrogen filling for each tire is quite expensive compared to using pingisian wind / air. There are some opinions that say that the use of nitrogen filling on the tire makes the vehicle tires become more soft, even some say also can make fuel-efficient. The use of nitrogen gas as a tire filling is caused by a particle of nitrogen gas (N2) greater than oxygen (O2) and N2 can prevent leakage causing reduced gas pressure on vehicle tires.

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Understanding Nitrogen

Nitrogen is a chemical element in the periodic table, which has the symbol N and atomic number 7. Usually found in the form of a colorless gas, no odor, no taste and is a stable non-metallic diatomic gas, very difficult to react with other compounds . Nitrogen is named as lax because it is lazy, inactive reacts with other elements. Nitrogen fills 8.08% of the Earth’s atmosphere and is also present in many living tissues.

Advantages of Using N2 as a tirefill gas:

  1. The tire pressure is more durable (meaning it is rarely recharging)
  2. The power of discs and performance on the tires becomes more optimal due to good grip, and the pressure is not reduced
  3. Saving on fuel (due to lightening machine work)
  4. Improve safety, because it has the right tire pressure and maintained stability
  5. Extend the life of the vehicle tire, because the right tire pressure, makes the tires run out evenly.
  6. There is no oxidation in rubber tires so as to extend the elasticity of rubber tires.
  7. Tire pressure is stable against tire temperature and also reduces accidents due to tire / overpressure rupture.

Nitrogen gas (N2) weakness as tire fill gas:

The price of charging is still expensive

For tire filling with nitrogen N2 is generally in pegs with the price of about 10 thousand to 20 thousands for each vehicle tire.

Not to mention there is an additional cost if the previous gas tire filler is not N2, because it must be drained first and then in the contents of gas N2. For the cost of drain is approximately the price of about 5 thousand to 10 thousand dollars.


For self-maintenance is very easy that each time the tire is filled with gas N2 then the next step if the pressure is reduced then stay with N2 gas again.


For the availability of nitrogen gas filling for vehicle tires there are still not so many workshops that provide them. Here is some info on how to do nitrogen:

How to Conduct Nitrogen Filling

You can drain the wind on vehicle tires accompanied by removing the nipple.

Once it has been removed all the next step is to fill the N2 80% to 85% of ideal pressure, for example for example thin profile tire if it should be filled with 40 Psi for nitrogen gas usage then enough charge 31-34 Psi.

Then the next step you throw back like step 1 (dispose of nitrogen) and the contents back (nentil circumstances have not been installed) the goal is that when the second pure intake alias is true from N2

You attach the nipple cover, and continue by filling the tire with the ideal limit, not too excessive or reduced.


If the nitrogen gas pressure of N2 has begun to decrease and when the road does not find a workshop that provides N2 filling then we can add with gas / wind tires that are easy to find on the street as an emergency and alternative step. But if you can find the workshop that provides the nitrogen gas tire filling service then the tire should be drained and refilled as I explained above.

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