It’s Never Too Early to Shop for Father’s Day Gifts

There was once a time where I would allow Father’s Day to catch me by surprise. And when I say surprise, I mean I was running around the mall trying to get into every store before they closed to find a suitable gift for my Dad.

After this had happened sometimes, I learned my lessons and changed my ways. Now I start the shop much earlier, and I feel more relaxed about it. However, just because I start early doesn’t mean that I have an easy time finding the right gift.

Getting that perfect Father’s Day present is no easy task. To help you, I’m compiled some of my top tips and ideas for you to consider.

Gadgets and Trinkets

If there is one thing which any retired Dad loves, it’s to play around with gadgets and tinker until they either break something or change it into something completely different. SO why not indulge this favored pastime?

Head to your local gadget or electronics stores and look for items such as these:

  • Radio controlled drone
  • Light bulbs which connect to a smartphone
  • A dashboard camera

As you can likely see, these aren’t regular gift ideas that you are likely to enjoy. And that’s fine; because you don’t need to enjoy them. Take a wander around the store and don’t be afraid to buy something quirky and out of your own taste. If in doubt, consider whether the gadget can connect to a wi-fi network. If it can, chances are you are onto a winner!

Robes and Loungewear

If there is one thing which I have learned since visiting my Father’s house more often, it’s that he doesn’t enjoy leaving his pajamas. Whether they are flannel, satin, or cotton with cartoon characters printed on them; if they are pajamas, he’s wearing them and not getting out of them!

It seems as though there isn’t anything you can do to make your Father put on respectable clothes, you might as well indulge him with something a little more stylish and socially acceptable for when guests come around. The Groupon Coupons page for Saks Fifth Avenue is a great place to start for men’s sleepwear. While you’re there, consider a pair of slippers, too.


When I was growing up, my Father loved nothing more than watching the car races on TV. He even took me to a few races when I was younger. But as he started to get older he swapped the visits to the race track for visits to the local gardening store. Before I knew it, my Dad had built his own vegetable garden.

If your Dad has shown an interest in gardening, get him some high-quality gardening tools to get him started on his new hobby. If he is a novice, you can also include some books with information and guides to help him get started on growing his own vegetables and flowers.

Sunday, June 18 is Father’s Day! Instead of being the child who hands over a card and some cash, consider these gift ideas and prepare to see a big smile on your Father’s face.